Reactions to and from football player Benedikt Höwedes.

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[Please don't take this seriously. No offense intended. Thank you.]

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My last posting: the picture that started it all ;-)

My last posting: the picture that started it all ;-)

one year - one project: reactedes

so, today is the day! it’s been a year since I started this blog out of interest for that one person: Benedikt Höwedes.

it’s been a “fun ride” with a hard start, some up’s and down’s and lots of routine in the last few months… yet, I don’t want that routine.

I started this as a hobby and I think, a hobby should stay a hobby and regular blogging is at times really tiring, when it consists of own edits, collages, gifs, and research of course (and not just reblogging).

I learned to make gifs in no time, learned that the max. gif size of <500 px and <1 MB is a pain in the ass and results in bad quality (I apologize for that). I also learned that every now and then, a stupid idea attracts (wide) interest (like the "Where??!"-gif or the "Benni-hitting-Per"-gif; see my top 10 posts) and results in positive feedback! I’m very thankful for that!

to make things clear: I’m happy for every follower i gained throughout the year. “Thank you so much!" to all my followers and regular visitors! and still, I have a life beyond blogging and that’s the most important thing I learned: I want to seek and reach many other "goals" (pun not intended, haha) in life.

you may stick to my hater no.1 for more Benedikt Höwedes stuff…




…or you might find many other blogs who post gifs or own photos every once in a while.

the era ends. the blog stays. not much more will come. thank you for being with me!

- reactedes

p.s. I’m especially sorry for those who recently (today, yesterday, …) joined my blog! please don’t be mad.. but I planned this for half a year now.

8 August 2013

Top 10 reactedes fun gifs:

#1: Where? Where?? Where??! (411 notes)

#2: Benedikt Höwedes beating Per Mertesacker (192 notes)

#3: arachnophobia (108 notes)

#4: Du scheiß Ar-!! (85 notes)

#5: grinning (59 notes)

#6: I’m a starfish (57 notes)

#7: Excuse me, what is this cuteness? (41 notes)

#8: Move, bitch! (29 notes)

#9: St. Benedikt (29 notes)

#10: Xmas elf Benni (26 notes)

Top 10 reactedes plain gifs and gif sets:

#1: happy little 6-year-old with his blanket (241 notes)

#2: Draxledes (204)

#3: rejoicing (191 notes)

#4: goalkeeper (168 notes)

#5: Berlin fashion week 2012 (166 notes)

#6: training with German NT (134 notes)

#7: webcam (107 notes)

#8: the Elia incident (106 notes)

#9: training camp in Qatar (96 notes)

#10: angry Benni (92 notes)

A very big big THANK YOU to all my followers and regular visitors!

A very big big THANK YOU to all my followers and regular visitors!

7 August 2013
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